Friday, 13 May 2016

Yeah, yeah, blogging's easy

I thought I'd be able to set up a 'mum' blog for parents who like fashion and pretty pictures, but hate all the usual 'perfect life' bullshit that comes with it in my "spare" time. Hahahahahah. I left British ELLE three years ago and became freelance whilst pregnant with my second child. I wanted to spend more time at home with my son and soon-to-be-born daughter, as to be honest, five days a week away from him was killing me. But I also had to figure out a way of maintaining a career and earning money knowing at some point the kids would go to school and getting back into work after 5 years off is pretty tough. I now I write, consult and even design stuff from offices all over London and no two days are the same. But I also look after two young kids, which is my priority, obviously. Hence why I don't know what I was thinking when I thought setting up a blog would be "easy" when I'm already writing into the night three to four nights a week.... I don't care about building a mega-brand; I'm no blogger entrepreneur. But I want a space to create something different, a space for mums who love fashion that's neither glitzy or prim. So I joined forces with my good friend Natalie, a stylist, who I met at ELLE and really rate and together we've created something less perfect, a place where interesting men and women can talk honestly about their experiences of parenthood. And the best thing? There are loads of pretty pictures and you can shop too.

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